Wedding Wing Girls!



We are Tori and Cherish 🙂 After THOUSANDS of weddings, what we can say is that the word “no” is not in our vocabulary and we are basically your private professional cheerleader/security guard/etiquette adviser/decorator/confidant/budget planner/googler/geisha wedding planners. Not a bustle has got us beat. We know how to pin a boutonniere like a boss and we know how to spell it. Difficult in-laws? You mean our best friend! Rain clouds in the sky? Back up plan… check.

We know that your day will never be forgotten, it CAN’T be just another day at work for us. We don’t get sick, we aren’t late, you have 24/7 access and we make you look good. Expect nothing but the best because that is where we shine. So, spill it- let us know the details, what you hope for, what you NEED to see happen, what you want and then let us start creating an unforgettable memory!